Healthy diets for children aimed between the ages of 0 months-3 years of age, a year or 2 past that would be acceptable if having trouble finding Information Custom Essay

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Id like to start off with saying this research project is for a high school independent learning course, thus id like the wording and over all level of the paper to reflect that. A grade A university level paper will make it look clearly like someone else did it lol (the project is for a grade 11 high school parenting course). The mark I am aiming for is between 75%-85%. low 90’s would be fine too.

As for the project its self, it will require a title page,a bibliography, and an index, a table of contents would be a decent idea as well. id like the report part of it itself to be about 2-2 1/2 pages in length or the full 3 that i ordered would be fine too but if they takes away from the extras then just go with 2-2 1/2 pages. The title of the paper can just simply be “Healthy diets for children”.

You dont have to use ten sources in total for information, just selected that number since i figured that would be more then enough mainly since wiki and other net websites provide more then enough info on topic’s these days.

Also at the end of the report a general summary of the information would be great as well.

Also, the course that this project is for, is for a parenting course and it focuses alot on children of toddler age levels (1-3 years of age) thus id like most of the nutrition information for children of that age group to be present in the report, lets say 80% or so, 60% would be fine as well if your having trouble with info for that age group level. Some nutrition information for infants only a few months old would be a good idea as well. This is “half way done course” project and thus it has only covered children between the ages of 0 months to 3 years of age so far thus id like the information to remain with in that age group mainly.

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