Heart Disease among African American Female age 35-50. community Health Promotion Paper custom essay

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This is a community health promotion paper. On African American women in North Philadelphia, in zip code 19130. ages 35-50. using the HEALTH BELIEF MODEL.
1) Describe the makeup and history of the community to provide a context within which to collect data on its current concerns:
a. type of information that best describe the
b. describe the sources of information used
c. include pictures of the community (if possible)
d. Identify the community leaders
e. say what resources and assets are available
2) Describe the community health problem identified and the methods:
a. describe the community-level indicators-the
incidence (new cases) or prevalence
b. report how frequently the problem occurs
c. describe how many people are affected
d. explain how feasible it is to address
the issue
e. discuss the possible impact and/ or
consequences of solving it
f. what has already been done to
address the topic of interest?
3) identify and interview community gatekeeper:
a. identify at lease two gatekeeper
b. interview the gatekeeper
c. describe who you listened to and why

4) Conduct Community Assessment:
5) Compile and describe the evidence suggesting that indentified issues should be a priority.
6) Conclusion

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