High School Fires all of its teachers Essay

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Using APA format, include the following components to the paper:
-What is the current issue discussed in the article?
-What is the rationale of the School District for taking such actions against the fired teachers?
-Based on the laws governing the No Child Left Behind Act, do the teachers have a rational legal argument for the Superintendent’s and School Board’s actions against them? Why or why not?
-As an educational professional, indicate your opinion on the action taken against the teachers and based your opinions on a prior (legal case). Explain whether the teachers rights were violated and why?
-How is the issue relevant to today’s educational environment? What may be some of the advantages and/or challenges for both educators and educational administrators?
Requirements of the paper: (APA Guidelines and APA Sample Paper are posted in Week 8)
– 3 Pages Length (plus one Title Page APA Formatted)
-Text (12 pt. font, Times New Roman)
– 1-Inch margins (all sides)
– Reference Page (APA Format)

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