Historical Research on Theater and Politics Custom Essay

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This is a thesis proposal on historical research on theater and politics. Since days in memorial theater has been used to promote culture and address on issues which affects human social status such as politics, war, civilization and globalizations. According to Singhal (2003) theater presentations are meant to empower the oppressed by use of poetry and plays. The appropriate methodology which should be used for this research is qualitative research method and quantitative research methods (Norman & Yvonna 2005)…

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The Palestinian National Theater was established by El-Hakawati Theatre Company in 1984 in Jerusalem as a non profit culture institution and it has been used to develop a unique cultural life in Jerusalem (Drain, 2004). It is used to present and produce educational, entertaining and artistic programs which reflect aspirations of Palestinian people in relations to how there cultural and existence is being threatened by unstable political environment and war….

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Nassar (2009) stated that there are those who would focus their pieces on war and would be fine because they would be presenting reality in their neighborhood or where they live and its affecting the society well being. This is evidence on how it was difficult for Palestine International Theater Festival when the military had combated it in contest that it is promoting war materials which are instigating violence to the community hence being more hostile…

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