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The publisher of a major international newspaper has asked you to write an op-ed piece for the paper’s editorial page. In the essay, the editor wants you to explain why Islam was a product of its geographical and historical environment. Since you cannot, in such a brief essay, present all possible aspects of such a vast question, you are advised to concentrate on a few points that seem to you to be most significant. You MUST (!) observe the following GROUND RULES: 1. The essay is to be at least 650 words but not to exceed 750 words (ca. 3 pages) in length. 2. Your paper must be typed or printed in readable sized print, double-spaced, with adequate margins on all sides. 3. Do NOT use quotes from books or articles. The point of the exercise is to make YOU write! 4. If you wish to use an idea from a secondary source (such as Donner’s Muḥammad and the Believers or Kennedy’s The Prophet and the Age of the Caliphates ), you must rephrase the idea in your own words and give proper attribution by footnoting. 5. For proper format, refer to The Chicago Manual of Style (http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/) or the Modern Language Association Style Handbook. 6. Penalties will be assessed for late submission of papers and for violation of the ground rules.

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