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Each paper should be up to 3 pages typed, single-spaced, in length (i.e., up to a maximum of 1500 words), on topics below. No footnotes or references are needed for these essays, but you should make use of the primary sources in your papers and show specifically that you are using both primaryand secondary sources in your paper). Remember, you can do 1, 2, or none of these papers, depending on your own interests and what you think will get you the best grade!!! (Make sure you understand, however, that the ETEP readings will be covered in exams and other aspects of the course.) Eact of the modules is written to explore different sides of one specific historical problem; the introduction provides a discussion of what that problem is, while the primary sources provide the evidence you should use to form your own understanding of the problem, and the secondary sources show how different historians have come up with answers of their own (NOTE: the secondary sources DO NOT agree with each other!). Your main job in reading the module, and writing a paper if you decide to do so, is to “answer the question” posed by the module and explain and defend your answer on the basis of the primary sources (using the secondary sources as a guide). Remember that the ETEP modules are desiged to present contradictory evidence and you cannot just say that all the evidence in the module leads to your conclusion, since the surces contradict each other.

1. Examine carefully the material in the ETEP module on the Crusades. Write a brief paper in which you make use of the material in ETEP, and other material in the course, to explain the motivation behind the Crusades: why did they happen? Why did western Christians go to the Near East and try to take over the region? Religion? But I thought Christianity was a peaceful religion!!! Greed??? Stupidity? Love of war?? Make sure you give priority to the Primary Sources and that you use both the primary and the secondary sources.

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