History of the U.S. Since 1877 custom essay

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1. Industrialism and how it affected the American people in different regions and at different times
2. Imperialism and how the United States acquired its empire. Also, how the governments and the peoples experiences in the late 19th century shaped US imperialism.
3. Progressivism its roots, its accomplishments, and its end.

Making at least three distinct points (in other words, it will be a 5-paragraph essay, including a brief introduction and conclusion).

Railroads are the first major industrial corporations in the nation
Compromise of 1877 South got federal funding for a transcontinental RR Redeemers seek to industrialize outyankee the Yankees
Both political parties seek to sponsor industrialization after Reconstruction
1920s defined by industrial growth Henry Ford and the Model T; widespread industrial employment factories, construction (skyscrapers), roads, suburbs, new products
Industrial inventions that transformed farming McCormick reaper, barbed wire = allow for bigger farms and expansion of the whole agricultural sector = drives out smaller farmers, leads to falling prices
Jacob Riis tenements populated by the lowest-paid workers of the new industrial system around the turn of the century
Growing gap between rich and poor poverty-stricken new immigrants; Andrew Carnegie and his Scottish castle; social theories of the wealthy
Strikes and the use of government troops to suppress them
Immigration new immigrants
Rise of corporations vertical and horizontal integration
American empire Spanish-American War (1898) US drives Spain out of Cuba; acquires Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico
Immediately followed by the Philippines War US suddenly takes role of colonial oppressor.
Platt amendment applied to Cuba b/c Cuba didn’t even mention US in its constitution
Philippines belief they were savage and unable to govern themselves; also, McKinley didn?t want to lose the Philippines to a European Power
Americans? experience with settling West Native Americans conquered with combination of military force and civilian-driven reforms (assimilation programs). Can include examples from Talking Back to Civilization regarding effects of these reforms.
Wilson?s 14 Points and experiences during peace negotiations also relevant opposed European imperialism without success while essentially ignoring demands of colonized people, including Ho Chi Minh
Roots of many of its ideas in Populism; Progressivism reached a wider population than Populism did
Progressives generally white, middle-class, many of them women.
Progressive beliefs boiled down to a belief in nurture over nature.
Riis as an example of a Progressive his solution to the tenement problem: improve the environment where poor lived
Progressive Indian Policy Talking Back to Civilization
World War I presented great hopes for Progressives, both internationally and domestically
War and events of 1919 destroyed Progressivism as a movement

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