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Answer one (1) of the following questions in a thoughtfully crafted essay. 1. Why did Europeans countries conquer and colonize the Americas? What factors motivated European overseas expansion? How did the Atlantic slave trade and slavery help European imperial powers colonize the North America and shape the development of both Northern and Southern colonies? 2. Despite the importance of slavery to the British Empire, the British (including American colonists) regarded themselves as citizens in the most advanced and freest nation on earth. How were colonial American beliefs about freedom and liberty were influenced by political and religious beliefs? 3. What roles did Native Americans play in imperial conflicts during the eighteenth century? What did they fight for? What was their vision of North America? 4. The Seven Year’s War was a decisive British victory over France, providing Britain with the control of much of North America as well as colonies throughout the world. How did the Seven Year’s War help cause the American Revolution in which Britain lost a considerable portion of its empire? You can choose one of them and should be done in 5 paragraphs essay. (Intro, 3 body, conclusion)

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