Honda company; Performance measurement can be defined as evaluating how well organisations are managed and the value they deliver for customers and other stakeholders custom essay

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Performance measurement can be defined as evaluating how well organisations are managed and the value they deliver for customers and other stakeholders (Moullin 2002 p.188)

The effectiveness of performance measurement regimes in helping an organisation achieve its objectives is determined in part by the actions that the managers and employees involved take. Therefore an understanding of human behaviour is considered to play an important role when developing, implementing and applying performance regimes.

In this essay you are required to discuss the importance of taking account of behavioural considerations when developing performance management regimes in relation to an organisation or sector of your choice. Your essay should consider:
1. The purposes of performance measurement regimes within your chosen organisation, including the identification and explanation of the different types of regimes available.

2. A discussion of the behavioural considerations that your chosen organisation must consider when developing and applying performance measurement regimes, clearly identifying the potential adverse consequences that may arise if employee behaviour is not fully considered.
3. Your conclusions and recommendations on the ways in which your chosen organisation can best develop and implement performance measurement to ensure its objectives are met.

This essay requires no calculations or detailed organisational analysis. However, it is important that within the essay you demonstrate your theoretical understanding of the topic in the context of your chosen organisation or sector. For example, you may choose an organisation from the retail sector such as Tesco, a manufacturing organisation such as Toyota, the service sector such as Barclays, or the public sector such as an NHS Trust. The three elements above should therefore be discussed with reference to the likely operating environment of your chosen organisation.
You are required to read more widely than the course textbook when researching your essay and should include references to other text books and academic journal articles.
Moullin, M. (2002), Delivering Excellence in Health and Social Care, Open University Press, Buckingham.
I have attached some reading articles which you might need them.
apply the whole attachment on Honda company

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