How is the symbol of food brought about character development in Kafka’s Metamorphosis and Woman in the Dunes Custom Essay

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School Transformation A paper (on school transformation) that explores the design of an approach to leadership that results in successful transformation in a secondary school setting. Describe a situation where there is a need for transformation and then a plan for leadership that will help achieve that outcome. A description of that situation providing an analysis of factors related to leadership that account for success or lack of success. Write a report of how success was achieved, and then to draw implications including strategies for the author’s own leadership in the school setting. The tenets of good academic writing should be observed as far as citation of sources and organisation of ideas are concerned. [Please note and factor this information in when writing the essay: that I am a teacher in a secondary school which is underperforming; where the students come from low socioeconomic backgrounds and have low literacy and numeracy skills; students have poor work habits and their families don’t always support the school and do not have the skills to support their children at home. There are about 70% males and 30% females and the total population of students is about 450 and about 50 teaching staff – some part timers and some full timers. There is a mix of experienced and novice teachers. Staff morale is low as teachers don’t feel supported by leadership – everyone feels like they are not given sufficient resources to make a difference with the students at the school. Also, the perception in the community is that our school is bad and students also feel that they are not capable of succeeding and students do not have faith in some teachers. Staff turnover is relatively high and there is lack of consistency among staff with what happens in the classrooms and around the school. Students get mixed messages and so take advantage of the fact that they seem to get away with not doing the right thing because teachers are not following things up. This is just to give you an insight into the school setting with which I need you to write the essay. I need literature references which support approaches to leadership that results in successful transformation in my school setting]. This needs to be written at a masters standard.

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