How well has cross-strait relations improved between China and Taiwan, with United States involvement since 1996? Custom Essay

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The paper requires the assessment of the involvement of the US, creating circumstances or conditions which had adversely affected the cross strait relations between China and Taiwan since 1996.

Counter arguments should focus on whether American rhetoric has boosted prospects for an improvement in the cross strait relations.

It is a requirement to include a literature review of about 300 words, to critically assess the
existing state of knowledge
about the research topic using
a wide range of relevant
sources; recommending using, but not limited to, 5 books, 10 articles and 10 sites, ranging from both Western and Eastern sources.

The dissertation should show a comprehensive and
insightful understanding of the
subject matter by using a wide
range of sources to construct
an argument that is logical and
sound, arising from a thorough
and critical analysis of the
source information.

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