HR and the Global Environment Custom Essay

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Purpose To assess your ability to: identify the human resources (HR) factors involved in a global operation identify HR’s role in mergers and acquisitions Action Items Read the following article: Schuler, R., & Jackson, S. (2001). HR issues and activities in mergers and acquisitions. European Management Journal, 19(3), 239-253. Note: This article is available in the Electronic Journal Center database through the Franklin University Library Web site. Write a paper that responds to the following items: Merging, downsizing, and reengineering all can radically change the structure of an organization. Choose one of these changes, and describe HRM’s role in making the change succeed. If possible, apply your discussion to an actual merger, downsizing, or reengineering effort that has recently occurred. When an organization decides to operate facilities in other countries, how can HRM practices support this change? What are some HRM challenges that arise when a U.S. company expands from domestic markets by exporting? When it changes from simply exporting to operating as an international company? When an international company becomes a global company? Besides cultural differences, what other factors affect human resource management in an organization with international operations?

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