HSBC Subprime Mortgage Crisis custom essay

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This assignment focuses on how HSBC became a victim of the recent Subprime Mortgage Crisis despite having a history of surviving other major financial down turns and learning from those times. The concept of employing a decision making software came of out this crisis. You will read the case study for the overview of history of the situation and the problems they faced. Then after doing some independent research, analyze how they have responded to those problems. Use the material in the textbook, assigned articles and other sources to address the following questions: 1. How has the company chosen to improve its knowledge of customers and therefore its decision making? Analyze the management, organization, and technology dimensions of the solution. 2. Did HSBC choose the best solution? Explain your answer. 3. Gathering data on your customers can assist in making better decisions Explore HSBC and then answer: o Does this Web site provide opportunities for HSBC to gather data about its customers? Describe the customer data collected at the Web site and explain how that data can be used to improve its business performance. Would you redesign the Web site to increase interactions with customers? 4. HSBC had decision making tools in place prior to the subprime meltdown. Why would you think they missed or ignored the potential catastrophic consequences that became reality? What added value would the new Experian-Scorex software provide? Please use as main source of reference Laudon and Laudon, 2010. Management Information Systems. the other 3 use from magazine articles or book but please provide ACCURATE and appropriate APA citation. the information needed for the case is on chapter 12 of the textbook I mentioned above.

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