Human Resource Case Study Custom Essay

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There is some information about the assignment that are so important.
1-First of all , Please read to file carefully which I sent to you. Because writes all the details there about the assignment. I would like you to be very careful and do step by step all of them.
2- Write an email to Aalia which should be only A4 .you must include academic referenced support as well as why PM makes sence.
3-Introduction part should be include 2x journal definitions+ Kaplan & Norton view+ backgrounds to Antenna
4-Balanced Scorecard should include 3 goals and 3 measures at least for each level ( for creative staff group ).
5-I have two references about BSC which are approved by my Lecturer.
Ghassan F. AL-Matarneh. (2011).Performance Evaluation and Adoption of
Balanced Scorecard (BSC) in Jordanian Industrial Companies. European Journal
of Economics,Finance and Administrative Sciences. Issue 35, p37-46, 10p

Barton Cunningham J. & Kempling J.(2011). Promoting Organizational Fit in
Strategic HRM: Applying the HR Scorecard in Public Service Organizations,Public
Personel Management , Vol. 40 Issue 3, p193-213, 21p, 4 Diagrams, 3 Charts
You should use these articles when you mention about BSC. You should consider the value of the BSC ( Kaplan and Norton 1992 )against at least two other methods of appraisal highlighting its advangtages andlimitations supporting your comments with referenced journal support ( 2009+ ) Please show the BCS with diagrams by Financial Perspectibe-Internal Business Perspective-Innovation Learning Perspective-Customer Perspective.
7- you should help Aalia to defend the worked BSC models you have created for the creative and at least one other staff group. Your academic defense sould rely on the journal literature. The literature you use in your analysis ( chapter4) will have featured in your Literature Review ( chapter2) and so new references should be introduced. You should rely on journal articles between 2009 and 2012.
8-you shoul make recommendation to Aalia for taking her goals and measures forward.
9-Finally , Please write self reflection. This is the key areas; Learning in action and learning on action so what would you do differently if you were starting out again.Where you will transfer this learning to nextl; thia should be a specific example. This part should be 500 words.

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