Human Resource Management is Unethical Custom Essay

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Question: Critically discuss (for & against) the following statement: “HRM is unethical because…” HRM violates distributive justice because the pay-gap between men and women, for example, continues to remain socially unjust.Justice Ethics Rawls

Nots: you should use those sources for writting this essay.

Check e-resources listed in this unit outline and available through the UWS Library portal.
• The essay should answer the question using a clear structure (introduction, body and conclusion and no dot points), split into the size of roughly ¼ for introduction, ½ for main body, and ¼ for conclusion.
• It must demonstrate evidence of wide reading – a minimum of ten (10: 5 in
HRM/management/business & 5 in ethics) academic references are required. Note that most Internet sites are popular references, are not academic references. However, the use of online academic journals contained in the e-collections of the UWS Library web-site is acceptable, and indeed, strongly encouraged.

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