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1. Expound in your own words Hume’s arguments for scepticism about the role of Reason in induction. How successful do you think Hume’s arguments are? 2. “Hume’s sceptical solution to his sceptical doubts is a complete betrayal of the Enlightenment.” Discuss. 3. How can Hume reconcile his criticisms of Reason with his rejection of revealed religion? 4. What is scientific realism? Should one be a scientific realist? 5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of moral realism? 6. Is religious realism compatible with religious toleration? Section Three 7. Why is the synthetic a priori said to be problematic while the analytic a priori is not? How successful is the Kantian Imposition Solution as a solution of the problem of the synthetic a priori? 8. What implications does Kant’s “Copernican revolution” have for the status of science and of religion? 9. What does moral freedom involve for Kant? Is his account plausible? 10. Expound and either criticise or defend Popper’s philosophy of science. 11. Can a Coherence Theory of Warrant deliver realism? 12. Is Classical Foundationalism defensible?

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