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This is a rough subject/hypothesis. You can change it however you feel comfortable just make sure it relates to my topic. Also it is important for me to have the same writer so please email me the writers name. Thank you. I will be paying for them to do my final as well. ********Do not do cover page. Unit 5: Midterm Project You will draft the first several sections of your research proposal. Set up your proposal in APA format with a cover page, a section designated for the Abstract* (which you will write for final proposal), as well as sections for Introduction, Background and Literature Review, Research Design, Sampling*, Data Collection*, and References. Check out this PowerPoint for formatting requirements. * Note, you will leave space for these sections in the Midterm and complete them for the Final Project. APA specifications are expected in the format of the proposal, the citations, and the references. For more information visit: APA Formatting. More information for writing your project is noted on the Resources page in this unit. Complete the following sections for Unit 5: * Cover page: Follow APA formatting for the cover page, found on p. 515 of Rules for Writers * Abstract: Create the heading and leave a blank section. You will complete this in the final proposal. * Introduction: with a brief history of the problem, your Present your problem statement, and identification of the independent and dependent hypothesis in your study variables. * Background and Summarize five relevant/related research projects, their usefulness, flaws, and strengths. This part of the proposal might resemble other research papers or projects that you may have written Literature Review:. * Research Design: Give a description of your research design and a justification of why this particular design was chosen. * Sampling: Create the heading and leave a blank section. You will complete this in the final proposal. * Data Collection: Create the heading and leave a blank section. You will complete this in the final proposal. * References: You must include correctly-formatted APA in-text citations in the body of your paper, and a matching reference list in appropriate APA form.
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