Identify creative and/or literary features in two texts and explain why you think they are creative and/or literary. Discuss the importance of these creative and literary features, supporting your answer by reference to relevant theories.

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Guidance notes
This assignment requires you to find two texts and analyse them from a linguistic perspective identifying creative and literary features in the texts and citing relevant theories to support your analysis. If you are in any way unsure whether your texts are suitable, contact your tutor
in good time for advice.
One of your texts should be a fictional text, such as an extract from a novel or a short story. The other text should be a non-fiction text, such as an extract from a tourist guide, or from a feature article in a magazine or newspaper. Each text should be around 200 words in length. It would make your analysis more interesting if the two texts were related in terms of topic or theme.
Your focus in this TMA should be primarily textual. You will need to identify linguistic features which can be seen as creative and/or literary in the two texts, using relevant examples and analyses you
have met in the course materials so far. Theoretical perspectives relevant to this would be primarily textual theories (inherency based, rather than socio-cultural or cognitive).
There are plenty of resources to draw from, including Chapters 1 and 2 of Book 2 and particularly Reading B by Ronald Carter in Chapter
2; and chapters from the second set book, Exploring the Language of Poems, Plays and Prose particularly Chapter 1 on stylistics; Chapter 2 on foregrounding, deviation and parallelism; Chapter 4 on sound,
meaning and effect; and Chapter 5 on rhythm and metre in poetry.
You may find it useful to look for other relevant material on the CDROM such as Band 6 of CD-ROM2. Another useful resource is Chapter 2 of the first set book, Language and Creativity: The Art of
Common Talk, particularly pages 64-9. Finally, Part I of the Specimen Examination Paper consists of a task very similar to this one. You may therefore find it useful to read the Guidance Notes for Students
which accompany the Specimen Examination Paper.
Assignment File 2
You should attach copies of your texts to your TMA as an appendix. If the text is available on a stable website, a link to the URL will suffice although you will need to quote extracts in your analysis.
Remember to cite your sources properly when you refer to scholars associated with any theories you refer to. If you are still not sure how to do this, please refer to the booklet ‘Academic writing:
acknowledging your sources’ sent to you at the beginning of the course.

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