Impact of Baby Boomers on Sofitel Hotels as guests custom essay

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The written report should fulfil following criteria:
– The written report should include at least 6 academic references (books and academic journals)
– In text referencing obligatory
– Font: Times New Roman 12pt, double space, max 3000 words (excluding references), table of content.
– Introduction should include: aim and objectives, methodolgy and limits of research, (max one page).
– Critical analysis should be included in report, as well as to propose an adequate solution related to analysis (justified by evidences).
– Students must use stakeholder analysis in the report linked to solution.
– Recommendations
– Conclusion (1/2 page).
– APA Referencing to use

Caracteristics of Baby Boomers with the products that Sofitel Hotels have. Who are they and what are the Baby Boomers purchasing behaviour. What is the link or is there a gap. Try to project yourself in 5 years and evaluate if Sofitel Hotels will have to adapt their products. The stakeholder analysis should be based on the recommandations.

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