Impact of current Government policy and the effect on the service user Custom Essay

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Topic: Review of the impact of current Government policy and the effect on the service user, you must have a balanced coverage of all the three learning outcomes of this course.
Service user: Mental health patients.
Learning Outcomes:

1. Summarise the key factors which guide current government policies and decision making and explain their implication for the service user.(600 words)

2. Discuss the promotion of individual rights within the care sector.(500 words)

3. Identify and give details of the services provided by both statutory and voluntary agencies.(600 words)

25 words for introduction and 200 words for conclusion

? The essay must review the impact of current policy on core provisions on the services provided by the statutory and voluntary agencies, decision -making; including individuals’ rights
? Explore ‘inequalities in health’ from the focus of policy and individual.
? Describe how government policy and attitude towards the welfare state has affected individuals’ perceptions and expectations;
? Outline the key factors which are guiding current policy and decision making, explaining their relevance to the individual.
? The structure of essay must have an introduction, rationale, body, conclusion and recommendation of meeting the government’s target on care provisions with involvement of other agencies.


The evolution of the welfare state
Current government policy and direction
Individual rights and empowerment
Protection of Vulnerable Adults
Inequalities in care service provision
Statutory government services in health, education, housing, employment and income maintenance
Role of voluntary agencies
Complaint and redress

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