Impact the War on Terrorism has on the Nation custom essay

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Please select one of the following topics to develop a well-organized and thoughtful 7-10 page research paper. Research paper title page and reference page are not included in the required paper length.

1) Introduction – Briefly describe issue and state the importance and purpose for the paper.

2) Background – Review the relevant literature on the subject. This is a good section to satisfy the requirement for 5 + primary sources. Be sure to use APA formatted in-text citations to identify sources for information. Note that in-text citations are required even if the information has been reworded. You are required to give credit to authors for their published work regardless of whether the work is presented in quotes, paraphrased, or the concept alone is presented. The source for concepts must be identified with APA formatted in-text citations.

3) Methods – State how you will address the issue. For example, you could perform a review of related research materials or literature. This research can come from articles contained in professional journals or recognized news outlets, established and professional internet sites, or textbooks. Other methods of research can include conducting interviews, and/or performing observations centered around your research topic. If you use a tool such as a standardized checklist you should provide information from the research literature on the tool’s reliability and validity.

4) Results – Present the findings from your selected research methods. Continue to provide in-text APA formatted citations for research material discussed, paraphrased, or quoted in the paper. The inclusion of tables, figures, and/or pictures in addition to describing the results in the body of the text can add significantly to the paper’s readability, but are not required.

5) Conclusions – Present your conclusions and recommendations. In general your own opinions should only be included in this section.
References – Must be in APA format

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