importance of politics and legislation in information security management custom essay

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For this module, your task is to apply what you have learned about the importance of politics and legislation in information security management to your own experiences. If you have Your own experiences can come from your organizational work or from your personal life. If you don’t have any experiences on this topic (which I hardly think so) or you think your experiences are not interesting enough, then find a public issue, interview people, or do some search on the Internet. If you work in an area subject to security clearances and regulations, you may want to review our policy on assignments and national security. Expectations: You can continue working on the issue you have chosen in the SLP of Module One if the issue is a large-scale, complicated one. In this SLP, please simply write a 2 page write-up that 1) briefly recaps the information security issue 2) discusses in-depth regarding the politics/legislation perspective in the issue and how you suggest to manage this perspective Or you can also pick a different information security issue from other SLPs. You may have an experience of yours (or from what you read/know about) that best explains/supports this module’s topic. Apply what you learn in this module to analyze one issue in depth. If you choose to do so, then in this SLP, please write a 2 page article that covers the chosen issue and how you apply what you learned in “politics and legislation” to analyze the issue.

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