improving appointment systems in out patient speciality clinic custom essay

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The topic of the project is (improving appointment systems in out patient specialty clinic)

What i will do in this project is an intervention on my clinic that should improve the work

The clinic that I work in has some issues with the appointment system
? New patients as well as follow up patient are assigned the same amount of time although new patients take more time in practice
? The number of new patients is not distributed equally over the days of the week, some day?s we will see 60% new and other days 20% new. The average of new pt seen is 40%
? No time to see emergency cases, doctor will need to squeeze emergency case in between the other patient which cause delay for scheduled pts, average of emergency cases are 10%

The proposed changes
? Give new patients more time then follow up (FU) patient
? Distribute new patient equally over the day of the week
? Assigned protected time for emergency cases (10% approximately)

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