In an interview with New York Times writer Mel Gussow (“The Spy World Is ‘My Playpen’; 40 Years of Making a Point in Novels, and Rising Activism at 72”, January 7, 2004; see Moodle), writer John Le Carré stated, “”I’ve always written about people trying to express their individuality under the huge burden of history, people who are fighting the wars they inherit, who are living out the chance encounters they make.” The friends in Absolute Friends are ”struggling to achieve what we all want to achieve, namely, that our origin should not be our destiny.” Each wants ”to break loose from his parentage, from the sullied cultural burdens they inherited.” Comment on the above statement. How are both Ted Mundy and Sasha trying to break loose from their parentage and their backgrounds? In your answer, consider the effects that their fathers have had on the two men’s lives, as well as the “burden of the past” that they have inherited. custom essay

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(Plan For Use Of System Analysis methodology for decision making, monitoring and evaluation) Draft the approach to use of the methodology in decision-making and analysis delivery. Include the following: 1. Tangible and intangible benefits. 2. Feasibility of the technology, human resources, financial and organizational impact. 3. Recommendation(s). Draft the monitoring and evaluation. Include the following: 1. Procedures for handoff to development and implementation teams. 2. Schedule for post-implementation audit. (use the information attached since this part will come at the end of the attached paper.)
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