Indigenous Politics Custom Essay

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You are required to write a research paper that is 12-15 double-spaced typed pages. You may focus on any theme or question related to the course readings and discussion. For example, you may choose to focus on a particular Case or policy, entailing what role the federal, state, provincial (or a European) government played or the particular First Nation, why a policy was created or opinion handed down in such a way, and what affect it had for the participating nations. You may compare and contrast major legal doctrines utilized by the United States and Canada to define/determine indigenous rights or focus on the role of the Constitution in outlining state relations and legal commitments to Native nations.

There is a wide range of possible topics and therefore, you must submit a one page project proposal with an annotated bibliography by February 23rd. I will review your proposal to ensure that your topic is appropriate and manageable. Political, legal, and historical perspectives should be used to frame your research and writing. You will workshop a rough draft of your paper in small groups on March 15th. Therefore you must send your paper to your workshop group no later then March 12th.

So therefore all I need you to write is the one page project proposal with the annotated bibliography.

Topic of choice: the role of the Constitution in outlining state relations and legal commitments to Native nations.

So really, just comparing and contrasting how Canada and USA respectably deal with their relations and legal commitments to Native nations. The differences etc. Summarized roughly in a page, with an annotated bibliography please.

If you have any questions please message me I’ll check often!

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