Individual Instructional Methods; about providing an in-service to a small group of colleagues at your work place custom essay

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Write an essay (1,200 words) about providing an in-service to a small group of colleagues at your work place (nurses in home health of mix generation from 20’s to 50’s). The topic can be of your choosing (Best Practices for Congestive Heart Failure). The goal is to focus on the instructional method not the course topic.
Discuss the following:
o Description of the learner (age, area of employment, educational level)- mix generation of nurses from mid 20’s to late 50’s in home health care
o Brief description of course content- Best Practices on CHF
o Instructional methods
o Develop an instructional method(s) for this in-service using two traditional and two nontraditional formats (Traditional (lecture and not sure; non-traditional- cooperative learning and PBL)
o Explain your rationale for the instructional method chosen noting advantages and disadvantages of each (support with the literature)
o Discuss ways educators can be creative with instructional methods and still be budget-conscious

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