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Imagine that you are the Chief Technical Director of Insight Technologies. Your company usually produce an IT technical report in a quarterly InfoTech magazine. Due to the impact of this magazine to the Business and IT world, many companies have subscribed to receiving this magazine on quarterly basis. There is a column on the magazine which allows subscribers to send request on areas they need further clarifications or some more technical information.
In the last edition of the magazine, a lot of subscribers have sent requests on wanting to know more about XML Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture. The editors of the magazine have contacted you to help with this task.

In a minimum of 2,000 words, write a technical report on Web Services based on the points stated below:

1.Elaborate on the importance of web services for the development of web based solutions to meet today’s business needs; bring out what are the key advantages of web services?

2.If developing a web services what mechanisms are available for discovery of a web service, outline how these mechanisms discover web services.

3.What are the key features and principles of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)? What is the relationship between SOA and web services?

4.SOA is one form of web architecture; there are a number of approaches that can be used for delivering internet applications, for example SOAP, WSDL and REST. Identify the key features from these architectures for delivering internet applications. Is there any other architecture that could be used to deliver internet applications?

5.There are a number of platforms for developing web services. Identify any two of these platforms and critically compare them.

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