Integrated Product Team (IPT) Custom Essay

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It is Monday morning, and your boss heard that all the members of your integrated product team (IPT) had just completed a Park University Course in the Principles of Managment and each member received an A+. While your boss realizes that taking the course does not necessarily make all members expert managers, she would like their counsel and advisement on an troublesome matter. Conflicting agendas, personality conflicts and disenchanted technicians have undermined the efforts of a tecnical committee that was selected to develop the Netcentric Customer Information Center (NCIC). Customers have repeatedly asked for the URL to the company’s web site and a method to track product orders and invoices on line. The lack of a company web site has detracted from the company’s bottom line “profits” and there has been a documented shift of business to the competition. NCIC committee’s deadlines have come and gone.
After your IPT administered a questionnaire to the technical committee, completed some diagnosis, analysis and considered the matter an IPT recommendation was made to bring in an external development or training consultant.
The consultant’s task will be to make the technical committee more goal orientated, proficient in WEB technology, team building and effective in getting the (NCIC) site up and running.
To get started…conduct a review of Internet sites that offer team-building or development services. Searching key words such as team building, change management, or human resource consultation will help to locate them.
You have been assigned to an IPT, with its own dedicated thread. At least two recommendations for a training and development service or a consultant. Explain why you chose the service or consultant and what benefits they bring to the problem.

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