Intellectual Disabilities Custom Essay

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Assignment instructions:
Topic: intellectual disabilities:

Here you must write your essay on the impact of recent policyand legislative changes on service delivery in relation to non-discriminatory, anti-oppressive practices and person-centred approach to care delivery. You must have a balanced coverage of all the three learning outcomes of this course.

Learning outcomes
1. Discuss the impact of medical and social models on people with intellectual disabilities. (600 words)

2. Evaluate sociological perspectives and practices that are non-discriminatory and anti-oppressive. (600 words)

3. Reflect on the values underpinning person-centred approach and its importance in care delivery. (500 words)

25 words for introduction and 200 words for conclusion

? Theoretical concepts and models of intellectual disabilities-.
? Anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice.
? Negative labelling and the effects.
? Culture and ethnicity.
? Class, gender and intellectual disabilities.
? The impact of recent changes in the policy agenda.
? Equal rights and citizenship.
? Welfare services and benefits.
? Prevention of abuse in people with intellectual disabilities.
? Legislation affecting people with intellectual disabilities.

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