Intercultural Film Analysis custom essay

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For this assignment, you must view the film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and then in the essay show the points that involve intercultural or cross-cultural communication. You must decide and make the distinction of what “culture” means for the purpose of the paper. Focusing on intercultural scenes, for example, there is a scene where they were supposed to have a quiet little dinner with just the bride’s parents and instead all the aunts’ uncles and cousins showed up all having the same first name. Look at and describe the intercultural concepts, terms, conflicts and issues. An introduction paragraph that explains the topics to be covered in your paper, A definition of culture and explanation of how this definition influenced your scene selection and your analysis, A discussion of the overall elements of the film so your reader can understand the plot and context of the scene, An explanation of the scene, how the scene demonstrates intercultural communication and a critique of the elements of the scene, think about values, verbal & nonverbal communication, culture, religion, family, identities, culture shock, dominant culture, etc.

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