Intercultural Management custom essay

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Point out the strengths and limitations of the researcher(s)s work in light of the various concepts/theories/models discussed and additional research literature. Critiquing a research article may require you to read through a number of articles written on similar topics by other researchers. Therefore, this exercise is time and labor-intensive. It would therefore be wise to begin on this exercise well in advance. The structure of the report may include the following elements (list not exhaustive):

1. Introduction to the paper
2. Brief summary
3. Critical reflections on the strengths of the article
4. Critical reflections on the weaknesses of the article
5. What do other authors have to say about the same topic?
6. How does the current paper compare to the thoughts of other authors/experts?
7. What is your standpoint and why?
8. Conclusions
9. Reference list (obligatory)

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