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Put your answer to the question assigned to you below in the Discussion Conference in
the Discussion section of the course. When answering the question, state the question
number and the page number of the question you are answering. Answer the question,
add additional information about the subject, and provide example(s) to get 5 points.
Read the example answers in Announcements on our course page. Properly cite
your sources. Note: Do NOT cite Wikipedia.

(#1, pg 490) What are the common terms of sale quoted by exporters? For each, explain to what point the seller must pay transportation and delivery costs. Where does the responsibility for lost or damage pass to the buyer?

Book- International Business-The challenge of global competition, 12th ed. Donald Ball, Michael Geringer

Please follow the directions persicely as described as for the teacher is very particular to the assignment. Thank you!!

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