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To create a business opportunity for an American consumer product in a foreign country.

This assignment involves choosing a consumer product that is used in this country, selecting a foreign country in which to introduce it and explaining how you would introduce it in the foreign country. For example, let?s say that we want to take motor scooters and introduce them in Bolivia. We would need to consider such things as: disposable income?could the population afford to buy them; roads?are road surfaces appropriate to use motor scooters; size of market?are there enough people in the age range that would be potential consumers; competitors?are there other motor bike dealers already there; political climate?is there about to be an overthrow of the government in the country? Listed below are the areas that you should consider in your report.

Not all areas will be included in each paper but you should think about each one to see if it applies to your product and your country. For more information, refer to, select country background.

Topic Areas:

1. Size of market (demographics, socioeconomic state, urban/rural)
2. Sociocultural acceptance of product?is adaptation necessary.
3. Legal/bureaucratic environment (imports, local manufacture, taxation)
4. Competition in market
5. Economic and political climate for foreign business
6. Methods for marketing and distribution (4 P?s)
7. Managerial and labor climate
8. Financial viability (currency translation)

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