International Crime and Justice Essay: What challenges does globalization raise in terms of traditional nation based police organizations Essay

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What challenges does globalization raise in terms of traditional nation based police organizations? Discuss using examples.

What is globalization? What impacts has globalization had on crime and crime prevention nationally and internationally?

What is organized crime and what measures might be appropriate measures to address organized crime.

Release dates (where applicable):
Word limit (where applicable): 2500 words
Value: 50%
Presentation requirements: This is a RESEARCH essay. This means that you must systematically FIND and USE appropriate resources for your argument and you MUST EXTEND beyond the material contained in the course guide. Harvard (in text) referencing should be used accurately & consistently. The essay assessment criteria are below and are available on Blackboard- make sure you look at the criteria upon which your essay will be assessed. Research: The absolute majority of references should consist of books and journal articles. References such as Wikipedia are not allowed and should not be drawn upon to support any academic discussion and/or argument.


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