International Marketing: Introduce the FREITAG brand (headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland) currently sold in Switzerland, Japan and England into Brazil. custom essay

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You are to introduce the FREITAG brand (headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland) currently sold in Switzerland, Japan and England into Brazil, a market in which it is currently not available. Produce the analysis for market entry and an international marketing plan that will achieve the objectives that you define.

1. Introduction – overview of the product, background to the company and its reasons for internationalization. Clear process used and reasoning given for introducing product into chosen country (Brazil)
2. Situational analysis – suitable models and concepts applied, analysing the sociocultural environment, the competitive situation and discussing internationalization options as well as justification for using the market entry method selected
3.International Marketing objectives demonstrably aligned with corporate objective – SMART
4.Marketing strategy and plan – relationship with strategic planning at the corporate level, product/market analysis, adaptation v standardization, segmentation, targeting and positioning, consumer behaviour
5.Implementation& control – clear annual international marketing budget with justification. Evaluation and control highlighting a range of financial and non-financial means of measuring and controlling.

Presentation – well structured, theory applied to the situation, good range of references, well written.

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