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COURSEWORK John Foster Ltd (JFL) is a Liverpool based manufacturer of sugar confectionery. The company was founded in 1862, capitalising on the trading links between Liverpool and the sugar producing islands of the West Indies. It originally packaged processed cane sugar for consumer markets across the north of England, but in the early 20th century switched production entirely to sugar confectionery. It produces a range of products that are sold across the United Kingdom, such as its famous Tranmere Mints, and Yates’ Wine Lodge Gums, in what is known as the ‘pocket money’ confectionery segment. The company is currently run by the Park brothers, Stanley and Sefton, who are direct descendants of John Foster, the company’s founder. They feel that the company should be extending into new confectionery markets that offer better opportunities for growth. They have identified the chocolate market as a potential area for diversification, but they are unsure as to which market segment they should target, and the type of chocolate product JFL should develop for a particular market segment. Lacking the marketing expertise to successfully tackle this problem, they have approached Callow Getz Marketing (CGM) to undertake a marketing segmentation exercise and develop a plan for the launch of a new product to exploit the identified segment. Established by Simone Callow and Bodo Getz, two MA Marketing graduates from JMU, CGM has established a reputation as one of the best marketing consultancies outside of London. Their recruitment policy of selecting only the best business and management graduates from JMU have given them a pool of highly talented consultants who combine a deep knowledge of marketing theory with flair and creativity. Your group is the top team within CGM, and you have been tasked with the JFL account. The project brief requires you to cover the following areas: Description 1. Based on secondary market research data, provide a brief overview of the UK chocolate market, identifying specific areas of product/market growth that might provide JFL with a viable marketing opportunity. 2. Identify those consumer segments who are driving this growth, and using relevant socio-demographic, psychographic, and behavioural variables, develop detailed segment profiles. 3. Based on a proposed trial launch in north west England scheduled for February 2011, develop a detailed marketing mix to target the identified segment covering: • Product description • Brand image • Pricing objectives strategy • Retailing and distribution objectives and strategies • Integrated marketing communications’ objectives strategies • Evaluation and control mechanisms Assignment Marking Scheme RETAIL DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY 15% INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY 15% can you just write 700 words please , because this work is a group work of 3 people. make sure you follow the instruction .and make sure it will be done in 12 hours . thanks regards

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