Introduction to Professional Communication: Brand Portfolio Custom Essay

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Q2 week 8 :
Explain what is meant by ‘operant conditioning’ in marketing communication. Provide an example of how your brand uses operant conditioning to communicate one of its messages. ?
Q1 week 9 :
1. What are some of the sources of information that your organisation could use to determine the levels and areas of need for its goods or services? Which two would be most useful and why?
Q2 week 10 :
1. Define and discuss the importance of ‘positioning’ in marketing communication with relevant marcom literature. Using one marketing communication example from your brand to demonstrate the positioning of your brand.

I have three questions to do and each question should be 450 words so in total it should be 1350 for three questions. The questions should be done separated so each question by itself (450 words for each question).

I have to choose a brand from the list that i will upload to you. i will let you choose the brand that you want so it can be easier for you.

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