Introduction to Propaganda Principles and Implementation Custom Essay

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Analyze an advert, a song or a clip according to the following categories: Context, ideology, visual appeals, language, music, identification and otherness.
Please adapt the theories to your chosen artifact– We have learned many theories during the semester. Some of them will be applicable to your ad and some of them will be relevant to other artifacts. Do not try to use all the theories or you will never finish this paper. Choose the most relevant and powerful elements of persuasion that you identify in the ad and explain your choices.
The analysis should be done according to the following categories:
Context: who created the ad, where and when was it aired –which country, media channel, year Who was the company/government/agency sponsoring this ad and for what purpose? (one paragraph).
Describe: the ad in your own words (one paragraph)
Message: what is the main message of the ad?
Ideology( if relevant): what is the ideology that framed the worldview in this ad (1-2 paragraphs)
Visual appeal (if applicable): what are the visual elements that you recognize in this ad? (size, color, fantasy and spectacle, lighting, movement, spatiality, attracting attention, argument, etc). How do they serve to enhance the ideological message of the propagandist?

Language (if applicable): what are the rhetorical appeals that appear in this ad (naming, labels, metaphors, analogies, slogans, conversational style, perfection, dualistic language, etc). How do they serve to enhance the ideological message of the propagandist?

Music (if applicable): analyze the melody, tone, production and how they serve to enhance the ideological message of the propagandist
Identification and otherness (if applicable): How is identification established in this ad/song? Is otherness being constructed? If yes, then how?

Formatting: small margins (0.5 inch), 1.5 space, font: times new roman
One page should contain the artifact and one page for reference list.

please send link or screenshot of advertisement

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