Introduction to the Chinese Legal System custom essay

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To foster academic freedom of thinking, you will not be given topics for your research papers unless your lecturer requires specific topics. Based on the knowledge you learn from taking this course, you are free to choose, design or create your own topic relating to the Chinese laws. You are encouraged to discuss and write your topics trans-disciplinarily.

Research essay topic requirement from lecturer:
? Is there a RS? What kind of RS?
? Must mentioned about economic development and legal development in china (Select an area of law)
? Show argument? (discuss from a specific point, concept, time etc)
? Interest of the party, the country and the people ( in reality, it is trinity)
? For example: current real estate market, people was relocated from their flat ? problem is that the local govt argued that it is the interest of the city ? in fact, it is only the interest of some local city council.
? PC at local council


First page (general information): The paper?s title, student?s name and number, word count, etc. Such information, including the paper?s title, should NOT appear again in consequent pages.

Text: please follow the Page Setup requirements below (excluding the first page and bibliography pages):
? Margins: top- 2.7cm; bottom- 2cm; left- 2.5cm; right- 2.5cm.
? Font: Time New Roman at size 12 for text and size 10 for footnotes.
? Footer: put your name in the footer together with the page numbers.
? Other: single-lined; bold for titles; ample paragraph breaks & headings.

Academic Writing

Academic writing is essential to ensure the high standards of research. Please refer to the ?Assessment Criteria? Section below for further information. You should always include an Introduction and a Conclusion in your paper. You should always avoid long sentences and paragraphs.
Footnotes and bibliography must be presented consistently. There are various citation styles in the world. You are free to choose the one you like. However, please keep consistent. Please note that only footnotes can be used. In-text citation, e.g., (Blair 2000, 62-68), and endnotes are NOT acceptable in this Course.

Please note that for footnotes, you are recommended to put an author?s given name preceding the family name followed by name of book/paper + publisher or journal (volume) + year + page number(s). For example: Jack McDonald, The Inability of Law, Freemantle: Fish Press, 2007, pp. 101-115. If the same author appears again, you only need to use his/her family name + name of book/paper + page number(s). For example: McDonald, The Inability of Law, p. 208.

For bibliography, use an author?s family name preceding the given name followed by names of book/paper + publisher or journal (volume) + year + page number(s). For example: McDonald, Jack. The Inability of Law. Freemantle: Fish Press, 2007.

Names of books and journals (NOT papers) should always be in italics. For further information, please refer to the Murdoch legal Citation Guide:

Assessment Criteria

Overall knowledge (20 marks-Paper)
? Good understanding of the relevant Chinese laws
? Sound knowledge of the existing literature and arguments
? Coverage of the main issues without serious omissions

Analysis and discussion (30 marks-Paper)
? Recognition and insight into the issues
? Concise and logical analysis and discussion
? Original, independent and critical thinking
? Ability to weigh problems and emphasize crucial issues

Structure, style and references (20 marks-Paper)
? Clear and well-organized structure
? Appropriate application of academic, legal and succinct language
? Free from stylistic errors (grammar, spelling, punctuation and typography)
? Mature research skills reflected in reference and data collection *
? Bibliography and footnotes meeting high academic standards
? Neat paper format

* Please note that you are recommended to use at least 15 – 20 academic references, which generally include books, journal articles, conference papers, cases and codes, and may include internet resources and newspaper reports when necessary.

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