Involving the evaluation of a website (and the related e-commerce operation) Custom Essay

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Approximate division of words for each section is given in brackets (Total 3000 words)
1. (a) Introduce the project through briefly setting the scene and outlining what you will look at. (b) Explain your choice of website. (c) What is the purpose of the website? [500 words]
2 (a) Using Webqual 2.0 [as described in Barnes & Vidgen [2001]] produce a table which evaluates the website as shown overleaf. [does not count in the word limit]. (b) How well does the website fare in terms of accessibility? [300 words] (c) What are the key recommendations that you can make about the website from the Webqual and accessibility analysis? [700 words]
3. Rank the Amit and Zott forces in order of importance [1 = most important, 2= second most important, 3= third most important , 4=least important] for your website. Explain your reasoning? What are the key recommendations that you can make about the website from the Amit and Zott analysis? [1000 words]
4. Summarise your project emphasising the key findings. [500 words]

(Essay should be structured like mentioned above. Please write the essay accourding to the sectiones: Answer like:
2(a) etc.
Questiones should not be stated, only numbers are enough).

7 journal papers
7 textbooks
7 websites

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