is banksy a true inheritor of the 20th century avant garde essay

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Each chapter must state at leaset 10 sources, books as well as online ones.
The dissertation has 3 Chapters and a Conclusion
1) Street Art and Banksy (2000 words) 2) Dada movement (2000 words) a) Introduction b) case studies of R. Hausmann, M. Duchamp, K. Schwitters; c) identification of key characteristics; 3) Compare/ Contrast (2000 words); 4) Conclusion (1000 words)
When writing about street art and banksy, Street Art by Cedar Lewisohn must be used, as well as online sources.
Also here’s the tutor’s suggestions:
a good place to start, though i do say so myself, would be
some of the papers i’ve published on recent british street art. you should
be able to read and download them from on your college
system(search luke dickens goldsmiths. there is loads of other relevant
literature in the reference sections of these papers, and my phd is on
there too.

these papers deal quite diretly with the artistic traditions that street
art draws upon, particularly the avant garde practices of the
situationists and the kitch overtones of American pop artists both in
Banksy’s work. I’d probably recommend breaking down your question beyond
opposition too, as both strands appear present in Banksy’s work at
different stages in his career, and in the differences between his
aesthetics and practices.

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