Is Charles Taylor’s critique of negative freedom successful? custom essay

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you need to read Charles Taylor’s : “what’s wrong with negative liberty” and read Isaiah Berlin’s “Two concepts of liberty” and discuss is Charles Taylor’s critique of negative freedom successful. Both texts can easily be found on google but just in case here are the adresses:’s%20wrong%20with%20negative%20liberty.pdf and,…/Berlin_twoconceptsofliberty.pdf please read very carefully both of these texts and analyze how Charles Taylor’s critique of negative freedom is successful and how it is unsuccessful. Make your point clear in your introduction, defend that opinion throughout the essay. This is a political theory essay, and is one of my most important essays for political science so please use good sources and make a solid point based on the two texts that i have attached (that one must read and cannot write the essay if not understood). If needed you can have one extra day to complete this essay (4 days and not 3) just make sure the essay is as well written and researched as possible. Thank you very much, This is a very tough dissertation.

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