Is it a) efficient and b) ethical to pay multimillion dollar salaries to senior executives Custom Essay

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Hi there, below is the reading list from this topic.

1.) S. Bach (ed) 2005: Managing Human Resources: Personnel Management in Transition (Oxford: Blackwell)Chapter 12

2.) J. Beardwell and T. Claydon (2010) Human Resource Management: A Contemporary Approach. 6th edn. (FT Prentice Hall). Chapter 13

3.)Bebchuck, L.A. and Fried, J. (2003), Executive Compensation as an Agency Problem
Journal of Economic Perspectives, 17 (3), 71-92.

4.) Murphy, K. (1999), Executive Compensation in Ashenfelter, O. and Card, D. (eds) Handbook of Labor Economics. New York: Elsevier/North-Holland.




n.p. Can you include one or two example of case studies (preferably in the UK/US) which has been criticized for paying CEO too much as well please?

Feel free to use informations from any other sources which may deemed to be useful.

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