Isolation, Loneliness and Narcissism in Social Media custom essay

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Tutorial Response 3: Subjectivity Guidelines

Instructions: Your response must be 2 ? 3 pages in length, printed, double spaced, and written in a standard 12 point font. MLA style is required; a ?Works Cited? page is also required. The necessary bibliographic information is attached to each reading. Please do not include a separate title page.

At least one credible outside source is required to help support your argument and expand your ideas. Be advised that Wikipedia is not a credible source. You don?t have a lot of space so be concise, be clear, and engage with the material.

Respond to the following question:

Social media is continually offering us new ways to communicate. Yet even as these sites promise a sense of community, even intimacy, they do so only through mediation. After all, even as we communicate over Facebook with those closest to us are we not always alone?
In your response, explore this tension between connection and separation, intimacy and isolation. Is the age of social media also the age of loneliness?even narcissism? If so, why, and what could this mean for the subject or the wider society? If not, why not, and how does one make sense of a social trajectory which ensures that communication between people is not just increasingly mediated, but abstracted?

*When answering please be as specific as possible. Don?t make generalizations. As you write refer to and explore a specific instance in these issues become relevant.

— This is a course related to technology and there are two readings assigned relevant to this response. It is one of the weekly responses we have to do and the readings for the week are in the two links below:

1. The Information: How the Internet gets inside us by Adam Gopnik

2. Exerpt from Alone Together-Sherry Turkle (Chapter 8 and 9)

Below are some notes as to how I would want to approach the essay:

In the response, you can use Facebook as an example but also writing about other social media such as Twitter or YouTube would be better since Facebook is very common. Narcism is evident on YouTube with people making videos of themselves but you would have to find credible sources to back it up. I would argue that technology isolates us because even if we are using it, we are always alone. it might make friendship meaningless and in turn, undermine society but at the same time, without our technology we can be alone as well. technologies such as skype help us keep in touch with others far away and it helps us feel like we are with the other person when we chat. technology is astounding and we should embrace the evolution of it as well.. we should worry for the younger generation who only interact with others via social media.

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