IT Management; The Age of Big Data custom essay

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Read the article, then write a report of 2 pages (if you read more articles have more exciting ideas/thoughts/observations/inferences, you may go longer), covering the following (1, 2, and choose one form 3 or 4):

1. Identify key concepts (terms and theories) in this article that are also presented in our class, indicate the page numbers on text and/or slide numbers in the chapter slides.

2. What part/application in this story most interests you?

3. Relate to your organization, or an organization you know/are familiar, what would be the implications (impacts, opportunities, threats, new tools/means/enablers) of big data? How should organizations leverage big data for competitive advantage and avoid competitive disadvantage or unexpected big shocks?

4. On global level, how can big data help environment, peace, economic growth, social development, etc.

You are encouraged to read more articles on this subject, and provide the link/sources/full text of the extra articles you read. Extended reading and synthesis is likely to get you a higher grade.

Please note that my grading of this bonus assignment will very likely be subjective: how excited I will be in reading your report. So you must read the article(s) really closely, think in a divergent way, and express your thoughts and summaries in an effective and interesting way by interesting I do not mean humorous, I mean stimulating my thoughts, opening my eyes.

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