Its a small world: Disney Says Going Global Is Crucial Case Study Questions Custom Essay

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Case 4.1 Its a small world: Disney Says Going Global Is Crucial;
When Walt Disney Co.’s Chairman Michael Eisner visited Paris with his wife in 1988, he vowed that his company woulld benome a powerful force in Europe and around the world. “We must be in television in all countries” he declared to the board ofdirectors when he returned ….
Questions for Critical Thinking
Q1.) Identify one or two issues about each of he four environmental fcators – economic, social-cultural, technological and political-legal in either Europe or China that Disney marketers should examine as they refocus their intenational marketing program.
Q2.) Do you think Disney should adopt a global marketing startegy or a multidomestic marketing strategy or a multidomestic marketing strategy to promote its products overseas? Why?

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