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Paper must be completed with the following criteria met: Introductory paragraph with research question and hypothesis; main research question, main thesis statement and background facts to support thesis. Body paragraphs with main ideas and their supporting details/facts. At least three (3) separate concise ideas (main focus) with at least 2 supporting facts for each that support the main thesis. Conclusion paragraph reiterating your research, main thesis or question with a summary of other key “main” ideas discussed within the paper. Should also include: 1. The history of similar experiments or inventions 2. Definitions of all important words and concepts related to your experiment. 3. Answers to all background research plan questions. 4. Mathematical Formulas (if any) that are needed to calculate or describe the results of your experiment. Explain the overall meaning of the formula and explain the variables included in it. 5. Use proper citation of specific data and quotes in APA format (any plagiarism or neglect of proper source citation will result in a 0%) 6. A bibliography page in APA format

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