Jew in The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare custom essay

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Consider the idea of the Jew in The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare. How is Shylock’s religious and racial identity constructed by the Christians. Is there anything consistent about their observations? Write an essay on the following topic (you may narrow the topic significantly). The research requirements are minimal: you are required to cite at least three sources from books or peer-reviewed publications. Make sure that you document your sources (and the primary text) carefully using the current MLA format. Research should enrich your arguments or provide facts to help support a thesis. Remember, however, that your main argumentative strategy must be based on a close, critical explication of carefully chosen quotations from the plays. Do not let the quotations speak for themselves. You must contextualize, integrate and comment on the linguistic and dramatic features. A close reading of the primary text should be your main method of support. Be sure to develop a clearly defined thesis at the outset.

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