Journalism and Democracy: The term news agency is the term I use within these options for a single news medium custom essay

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Unit Two Project Options
Note: The term ?news agency? is the term I use within these options for a single news medium?a newspaper, network, cable TV channel, a news magazine, internet news blog, etc. When you identify the specific publication or production, such as USA Today, italicize the title. If referring to a specific article, put the headline in quotation marks. Provide within the paper the journalistic elements (principles or concepts) you are applying from your reading of the assigned chapters for Unit Two of Kovach and Rosenstiel?s The Elements of Journalism. Whenever you quote or use information from the book, cite your source by using the MLA format–e.g., (Kovach and Rosenstiel 65)–within the paper and then the full listing of the book at the end of the paper. ?

**The book that my professor is referring to is Chapter 1-4 of Kovach and Rosenstiel?s The Elements of Journalism. ISBN # 978-0-307-34670-4. Please reference this book when doing any of the options below. Please use proper quoting techniques my professor is very tough on grading and he follows the lay out to the T. Please if there are any questions please contact me.
Choose one of the following project options:
1. Evaluate a single news report?s credibility based on concepts explained within the assigned reading of the unit (The Elements of Journalism) including methods of verification and the transparency of the writer?s sources. Within the introductory portion of you paper, identify the conglomerate owner of the news agency whose report you analyzed and evaluated; then explain the potential for conflict of interest created by that ownership. (Note: While the authors indicate that conglomerates are one of the threats to the independence of a news agency, they do not provide charts or detailed information on the conglomerates that own mainstream media as part of their vast holdings.)
2. Compare the report and/or commentary of one event (the same event) in two news agencies–one main stream medium and the other an independent publication or blog. Using journalistic principles explained within the assigned chapters, evaluate the credibility of each report and explain which one you consider the more reliable report (or commentary).

4. The ?sense maker? role: analyze and assess one news agency?s efforts to enable us to understand a complex story. Use all articles included over at least two days?news reports, news analyses within the news section, editorials, commentary, graphs, charts, video clips, etc. Refer to and quote what Kovach and Rosenstiel explain about this necessary function of news media. (Note: Be realistic about the size and scope (or continuing importance) of the story you select.? Choosing the recovery from economic recession would be too ambitious, I think, but coverage and informative features about? the ?Occupy Wall Street? protests might be manageable over two or three days. Selecting this option would not require the same close scrutiny of each article that the first or second options above do.)
5. Analyze issues of one of the following films: Network (1976) or Absence of Malice (1977). My breaking down that analysis of each will follow on separate file posted within Unit Two Information.
**Below are the directions for option 5.
Unit Two Project Option Five:
Select one of these two films?Absence of Malice or Network?for analysis and application of Unit Two concepts.

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