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Please follow the link below to an article about one of many major cheating scandals that have erupted in K-12 school districts. It gives one teachers explanation of how this happens. Please remember the grading rubric as you construct your posts and lets try to give descriptive titles to all posts.

1) How would you apply Henri Fayol’s Principles of management to understand why teachers and administrators would support and engage in cheating in order to meet standards? How would you apply these same principles to improve the system so as to reduce the incidence of cheating?

Please be advised that this is a tricky question. You are free to share with us what you think about standardized testing in K-12 schools as a way to alert us to your personal bias on the subject. But the heart of the discussion must be an application of the thinking of Frederick Taylor, Henri Fayol, or Max Weber. None of these early management thinkers, to my knowledge, ever took on the topic of education in this manner. Their work was based on a manufacturing model. So I am asking you to synthesize what you know about the views and methods of these early thinkers with something that is going on in a very different sector and in a different time. It’s OK to get creative. There is no right answer. But answers will be evaluated based on how well and how correctly they utilize the philosophies in Chapters 7 and 10. Here’s the link. It’s also available in the external links section.


Wren, Daniel A. and Bedeian, Arthur G. (2009). The evolution of management thought (6th or current edition). New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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